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I’ve always blogged but trying to find my niche and what made sense to my thought process and my personal aesthetic is what I struggled with in the beginning. I created a tumblr of curated images from menswear editorials, all edited in black and white, under the name of Fashion Nazi.

It was that tumblr that inspired me and my amazing followers that encouraged me to start a blog with content and opinion.

By fashion Nazi is a blog about men’s fashion and the creatives in the arts and fashion industries. I make sure that all my post are from a personal point of view and are on topics that inspire me and my own creative. It’s important for me to speak candidly and honest to set my blog aside from major fashion blogs and publications; I think there’s too many bloggers trying to be politically correct art scholars and I don’t know enough about the history of art and fashion to join that club.

If you would like to contribute, work with, or feature products with By Fashion Nazi, do not hesitate get in touch using the email below.

Email | byfashionnazi@gmail.com

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