a bracelet for me by azuro


So, a little black box arrives for me in the post. accompanying the little black box is a note that reads “To Roman, we want to thank you for supporting our Azuro bracelet. this is only the beginning of our journey, and are excited to have you along with us. May this collection be the guardian of your life.”

Azuro are definitely a brand that cares about the small details.


Sitting inside the little black box, like a set of rare black pearls, was my precious handmade bracelet. Handcrafted to fit my wrist like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

|Am I being extra?|

Seriously though, this bracelet is beautiful! It’s well-made and feels like its worth its price-tag. I’m not a massive wearer of jewellery these days but this one seems to accent pretty much every outfit I put together. I guess you cant go wrong with a classic style, eh.

|Read their blog, its great!|


Thanks and appreciation goes out to Azuro for sending me such a wonderful gift. You all should go and check out their collection and find the bracelet that best suits you and if you don’t find one, buy them all!

Photography | Chelsea Abbott


Listen | Happy Without Me by Chloe x Halle

Obsessed | Classic Hematite

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