republic by azuro


A jewellery brand or in their humble opinion a movement and a force to be reckoned with. Azuro Republic has the modern gent at the core of their brand ethos, design and future.

A groundbreaking brand? No. An Extraordinary design? Not really. However, that’s not what Azuro is all about. Azuro is about leading guys back into the sartorial lifestyle we seem to have forgotten with a little charm.


“We believe that a gentleman should dress his best for any occasion.” – Azuro Republic.

A quote that should probably be written on my gravestone. Now, maybe a ‘gentleman’ shouldn’t wear a suit in the house like I do but the sentiments of that statement are true and probably the most fundamental starting point to being a gent.

|Obviously, don’t forget to be polite and hold doors open for women…men and children|


Azuro found me hiding on the internet and approached me to champion their brand in 2018. This bracelet brand is the only bracelet brand I will be talking about (no shade).

A sample of their fine craftsmanship was custom-made for me and arrived recently, so expect a shoot in a few weeks.

Once again, thanks for reading and following. Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to share.



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