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We all know my blogging schedule is pretty loose recently, but I’ve been busy! However, I’ve been working on this little project with the team at BLK and it turned out too good. I’m actually not even sure where this site goes from here. Maybe this is it. Maybe I’ve peaked. Can it get better than this?


| So, who and what is a BLK? |

BLK is a men’s luxury fashion retailer based in the North of England. They are well established in other parts of South Yorkshire, but the Sheffield store is a new venture for them.

Stocking an array high-fashion, they immediately caught my eye as it’s not often a little country boy like myself stumbles across a boutique with the latest offerings from Matthew Miller, Neil Barret, Philipp Plein and co. Also, with a team that actually has a knowledge of the brands, they’re pushing. The team at BLK know their s**t because they went to Fashion Week, spoke to the designers, chose the pieces, and brought them back across a dry Arabian desert with no water to quench their thirst for me to prance around in.

The Arabian desert bit is a lie, but as soon as you walk in the shop it’s obvious the team have really strong passion, love and dedication for what they do and what they’ve achieved.


| The Shoot |

I did this shoot two months ago with my very talented friend and Photographer Chis Carter, Yasin Mir (the owner) and a good friend of mine Zoltan Farkas (acting as a set assistant).

We fell at the first hurdle when we left all the shoes at the store! However, my Barker slippers worked out just fine in the end.

I’m usually quite chill on a shoot, but this one had my anxiety on a high. I wanted it to look as slick as I felt that day. I have very high expectations for my work and the footprint I leave online. I don’t live a particularly wild lifestyle (my parents would beg to differ), that’s why my shoots are ridiculous and why I don’t review restaurants etc. I want everything I’m sharing to be aspirational for me, not you.


| By Fashion Nazi, who are you wearing? |

The team at BLK and I pulled three looks together from three of the freshest designers circling the scene at the minute. We decided to keep the Matthew Miller shirt for each look to give the shoot a sense of consistency and cohesiveness.


Look one | 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi

Known for their almost sartorial approach to streetwear. Although they are not a denim brand, I fell in love with this denim look as soon is I saw it. The construction on this outfit is just stupid and ridiculous and somehow looks so effortless.

Look two | Matthew Miller

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Matthew Miller and if you don’t, you must have missed my Matthew Miller Review Post, but I’m not sure how you could have missed any post of mine. Anway, this look still gives me goosebumps. I can honestly say I’ve never seen or worn a leather jacket of this calibre in my 23 years on this green planet.  It was like a million degrees that day so I wouldn’t put that leather down as a summer staple.

Look three | Maharishi

“Maharishi was founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman with the great vision to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing.” I took that statement from their website because I think it’s important to share brands with an ethos progressive for the fashion industry and the world in general.

I took that statement from their website because I think it’s important to share brands with an ethos that’s progressive for the fashion industry and the world in general. The rare occasion I’m wearing comfortable clothes has been caught on camera! We did have to compromise and go barefoot,  but this still remains my favourite look of the three. I truly felt like Paris Hilton ( BLK will hate me for saying that).


To conclude, I don’t think I can top this shoot and I will try, but I’m probably going to need the help of BLK (hint, hint). I had the most fun organising and putting together this shoot over the past two months and can’t wait to work with BLK again.

I do have some more shoots prepped and ready to go, but I’m on the search for new brands to talk about. Also, I’m in the very early stages of planning for a series of post entitled ‘BFN | BOYS’ which I’m super excited about. So, stayed tuned! You got my social media, right?


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Photography | Chris Carter



Listen | Have Mercy by Eryn Allen Kane

Obsessed | BLK

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