| Let’s talk Floyd |

It’s been a while since I’ve done a lifestyle post or any post for that matter! So, with this move into my big new bougie home, my new job, and an unhealthy obsession for home furnishings, I’m inspired talk about a brand with furniture/homeware focus.

While I’ve always been a fan of the mid-century and more eclectic approach to home styling, the idea of minimalism always draws me in and makes me question my own taste. I’m not sure if I’d say Floyd is a minimalist brand, but more about assessing what’s useful in the home and how we make those pieces more accessible to ourselves.


“Floyd was founded in 2013 by Kyle Hoff & Alex O’Dell in Detroit, Michigan. We started Floyd as a reaction to disposable furniture and poor furniture purchasing experiences. Our first product — the Floyd Leg — allowed users to easily make a table with any flat surface material. We launched with a Kickstarter and since then we continue to ship to over 50 countries. We work closely with our manufacturers in the Great Lakes Region to produce our furniture products to the highest standard. Our largest markets continue to be dense cities like New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo. We’ve had nice things said about us in The Washington Post, GQ, Popeye Magazine, Dwell Magazine, Fast Company, and Monocle.” – Floyd Detroit.

That all being said, I think a brand like Floyd should really speak to my generation that jumps from rental-to-rental because we can’t buy a house as easily as our parents could. We need furniture that matches this lifestyle. This is forever furniture without the forever home.


 | So, why am I obsessing over Floyd? |

Floyd is reinterpreting how we think about furniture by giving and giving us flatpack furniture to go and go again. Great design is not just about being aesthetically pleasing, but being useful, it’s about longevity, it’s about standing out in an oversaturated market of home furnishings, and Floyd does all the above with a simple table leg.

Floyd is flatpack-2.0


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