lfwm by xander zhou


| Is it still fashion week or no? |

So, you know I usually talk about some of my favourite shows from London Fashion Week Men’s and last season I didn’t, but I like the tradition, so let’s talk about Autumn/Winter ’17!

| Let the s**tshow begin! |

I formally invite Xander Zhou to dress me in his autumn/winter ’17 collection for the rest of the year, this showcase gave me so much life! I don’t even know where to start throwing the compliments at it.


This season Xander Zhou has refined his aesthetic and gone for a more sartorial, but in true Xander Zhou style, he has turned sartorialism on its head, and made everyone else feel like we’re approaching this game all wrong! Well, I did.

Between the exaggerated silhouettes and the materials/fabric manipulation, Xander Zhou had me gasping for air. There seems to be an evolution in Zhou’s work, if you look back to his earlier collections which were obviously inspired by youth featuring crop shorts and leather skateboards, we fast forward only a couple of seasons and we see his collection mature as if his models have stopped skateboarding and got jobs in the grown-up world, all whilst fiercely trying to hold on to their adolescence.


| Do you feel more ‘in the know’? |

I don’t know the true direction of this brand or this show because I didn’t do my research but I do know I’m a fan for this moment going forward. I will look more into Xander Zhou when I get a moment to myself! For now, I will settle with drooling over his latest offerings.

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