two thousand and seventeen by fashion nazi


It’s 2017, but you already know that. What should this post be about? Maybe I could write a post about; how I’m going to be healthy, quit smoking, be positive, drink less, learn a new language, travel more or maybe I should be honest with myself and realise the above is probably not going to happen. I’m going to need all of 2017 to get over 2016, I’m thinking of 2017 as the hangover year.


Resolutions aside, I’m excited for what this year has to offer me! I’m moving into a new house which, besides being poor af, should be pretty awesome and I’ve already started buying all my furniture!

| Who knew mid-century modern furniture was so expensive?! |

Though I don’t know where my actual job stands, my blog seems to be flying in all different directions! I have campaigns coming up with a few brands, but the one I’m most excited about is Bailey of Sheffield and I’ll tell you more about that when I know more.

I’ve been very picky with brands I choose to partner with and the brand I cover, and it’s really worked in my favour, I can say I have content I’m proud of!


I’m excited to continue this journey. I’m excited to continue working with photographers, creatives and brands that inspired. I’m excited about 2017! Happy belated New Year readers.

| Hopefully my next post won’t have my ugly mug in it |

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P.S. Don’t smoke, it’s bad for you!

Photography | Jack Watts



Listen | Fi Hagat by Nancy Ajram 

Obsessed | Milk Decoration Magazine 

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  1. Avid Follower says:

    Love it
    Can’t wait for the Baileys of Sheffield post…keep doing what you do…Keep doing you…its awsome

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