vignette two by fashion nazi

In my constant mission to set myself aside from other bloggers, I gave myself one task for the next few post in my series style vignettes.

| Do something different |

We all know the way in which big brand’s trends trickle down to the high streets for us mere mortals to squabble over, but with this post I wanted to ignore current trends, whatever they may be, and pull together looks using my own inspirations.

Where I work, we have a trader from Tanzania and her shop is full of traditional Maasai Tribe arts & crafts, bead work, home-wear, occasion-wear, accessories, and fabrics. Since the first day she started trading I had grown a fascination for the craftsmanship in her products, bought and made by the Maasai Tribe in Tanzania.

I visited Nengarivo and worked closely with her to build looks that were appropriate for me and respectful of her culture.

I wanted obvious colour schemes with a ‘more is more’ sensibility that the Maasai Tribe carry through tradition. I actually felt like a king! Strangely, I felt so comfortable and found myself wondering why I don’t dress like this all the time as it’s so easily accessible to me.

| Going forward, that’s you ‘Your Majesty’ to you |

Location was key and I played with ideas of different settings. I really wanted to shoot on the high street and have an obvious juxtaposition with the outfits and my everyday life, but then I remembered the film ‘Coming to America’ and settle on something more fitting to my outfits.

| Welcome to Derbyshire by Fashion Nazi |

Although I look like I’m coping just fine in the country dressed as an African king, I must stress I’m not! While my styling  of these outfits is impeccable, my shoe choice was questionable. I was not phased by the weight of the accessories, the constant stabbing of my crowns, however wearing mules and trying to navigate some very uneven terrain was my downfall, literally!

I had so much fun shooting these looks, but I’m in a place now where I don’t know where to go next because this turned out so good.

What will my next shoot’s inspiration be?

Where will it be?

Do I just quit while I’m ahead?

That being said, I don’t need to worry about all that now because I’ve got a few more of the Maasai inspired looks banked for future post and trust me it gets better.

“Can it get any better than this?”, I hear you say, and the answer to that is oh hell to the yes!

To conclude, I look like royalty and now expect to be treat in such a manner! While I prepare my royal wave, y’all can start preparing to address me as ‘Your Majesty’ or ‘My King’, either/or I’m not fussy!

Seriously, though I had so much fun shooting these looks with the amazing Jake Jarvis and cant wait to share the rest of the looks! Also, if you’ve never tried on piece like this before, it’s a must as you instantly get this sense of entitlement.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your social networks. Leave a comment below or on Fashion nazi social media to let me know what you think of my unconetional approach to style blogging.

Photography | Jake Jarvis



Obsessed | House of Romanov

Listen | Selah by Emeli Sandé

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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    omg this looks so editorial your a true inspiration

    Liked by 1 person

    1. romandennis says:

      Thanks! I was trying to merge editorial and style blogging in this, and hopefully in my future, post. Not sure about being ‘a true inspiration’ though, I’m just playing around with how we approach blogging! However, thanks for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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