face-wear by freka

I was contacted by the team at Freka to talk about their face-wear.


Face-wear is concept I’m unfamiliar with as it’s rare I’m covering up my money-maker unless I have some form of bad skin or spot (which is also rare), however I politely accepted their invitations and this post will be dedicated to, what will most likely be, a poor description of Freka face-wear. For a more detailed explanation of Freka face-wear, please visit their site freka.co.uk.


The masks are designed to protect the wearer from germs, pollen and pollutants, the unseen but very much known,  that effects our health everyday. So, a couple of weeks ago I received package in the post, my first ever face mask from Freka! Inside my package was two very sleek looking boxes, one black and one white, and a matte white resealable pack. I’m intrigued.


I’ve never been one to focus my attentions on the effects of air pollution, so don’t assume I’m about to save the world or start preaching about your health.

I can only assume Freka contacted me because of my interest in new and traditional design. As I’ve stated in previous posts, design with purpose captures my attention almost instantaneously and that’s what this brand is about.

“Our philosophy | Form ever follows ergonomics” – Freka


I unpack all the components of my Freka face-wear and start to piece together the filter, ventilation system and neoprene cover.

To test my new face-wear, as any ex-asthmatic would, I light up a cigarette in a poorly ventilated room and fill it with as much harmful smoke as possible and put on my new face-wear.

| an experiment unapproved or advised by the team at Freka |

To my surprise it works and I’m breathing in purified air! I can’t smell the smoke and it doesn’t feel like I’m breathing in secondhand anymore. A sensation I can only describe as modern sorcery.


Outside of places where face-wear is common, it’s quite a statement to be wearing a face mask. That being said, I’ve never been one to follow the common thread and on occasion I will be whipping out my Freka face-wear, even if it’s just for another photo-shoot to dress up like a chic ninja!

| I could wear my face mask where I cycle on the Monsal Trail or to the office, who knows? |


To conclude, I love my new face-wear and can’t wait to start working with Freka more! If you’d like to purchase your very own face mask from Freka, visit their site freka.co.uk for more details. Also, keep a look out for my interview for freka.co.uk about me and my fab award winning blog!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your social networks. Leave a comment below or on Fashion nazi social media to let me know what you think of Freka face-wear.

Photography | Barton Chase Media ltd



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