vignette one by fashion nazi


By Fashion Nazi has had such a rigid style since the beginning, so how do I breakaway from that? How do I show my readers that By Fashion Nazi is changing? How do I show that I’m growing as a person? Can I add more to By Fashion Nazi whist refining the message?

 I’ve been playing around with this idea of ‘style blogging’ like the rest of the blogosphere and I’ve literally spent months trying to nail the execution of what I want to put out there as ‘style blogging’.


| I talk about this process like I’ve just 40 days and 40 nights in a desert finding me |

I think what I struggled with the most is difficulty of moving away from what others are doing as ‘style blogging’ and avoiding being predictable. That being said, I’ve by no means created anything truly groundbreaking.

However, This first post is my opportunity to experiment with the use of colour which is a terrifying thought for me as I’ve spent years using black & white and only experimenting with tone. I’m only using some colour on my style post just give you a better idea of what’s happening in the image. Unlike my other post you cant go away and find the colour version of the images I will be using, obviously, so I thought it would only make sense.


| So, what do I talk about? |

I don’t think it’s wise that I give out style tips, I’ve probably said this before, but style is so personal that it’s hard for me to say that everyone should be wearing this blue trouser and white t-shirt combo.

I could talk you through my outfit choices and what’s the latest with me.

I guess it depends on the shoot really. I’m working with a few photographers at the minute and all of them have contrasting aesthetics to one another. The next couple of shoot are shot by Jack Watts with his typically laid-back approach to photography. We wanted to create something clean with simple styling and keep the focus more on natural expression.


I guess this new series is more about my experimenting with photography and pushing my aesthetic so you can see how these creatives, I talk so much about, actually inspire my own work in a ‘style blogging’ setting.

| Welcome to vignette by fashion nazi  |

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Photography | Jack Watts



Listen | Drop by Chloe x Halle

Obsessed | Photography by Jack Watts 

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