bizen by king houndekpinkou

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A king of his craft, King Houndekpinkou is a French-Beninese ceramicist. Inspired by Japanese, almost brutalist, style of unglazed pottery originating in Bizen (now Okayama Prefecture). The tradition of unglazed pottery is deep routed within the Bizen community in Okayama Prefecture and famous not only in Japan, but the rest of the world. Houndekpinkou, has combined the traditional style of ceramics with his personal Beninese background to create a style unique to himself.

There’s something calming about King Houndekpinkou’s work for me, more so, in his work that has the strong influence of the traditional style of Bizen. I’m reminded of Lee Kang-Hyo and his method of interpreting tradition. However, unlike Lee Kang-Hyo who rigidly sticks to his own cultures tradition, King Houndekpinkou has brought together two cultures who, under normal circumstances, would clash. In a time when the world is feeling more divided than ever it’s refreshing and reassuring to see art with no hesitation to share heritage and ways of life, something the art world has always done so well.

| To conclude this post on my absolute adoration for King Houndekpinkou |

What else can I say? I think I’ve actually probably said enough.

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  1. Calle says:

    The way you write is very convincing. You have a nice way to use words!

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    1. romandennis says:

      Thank-you, it’s because King is so inspiring! I tried to do him justice with my little knowledge of the art world.

      Thanks for reading.

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