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I’m not dead, but I have been slacking when it comes to giving an up-to-date Fashion Nazi piece. I recently spoke with a friend of mine about By Fashion Nazi and life, I guess, for a project he’s working. “Charlie Ronce – a zine for the modern ponce.”

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Hi Roman, could you start by telling me a little bit about yourself and where you’re from?

By Fashion Nazi | I’m a fashion school dropout now working in marketing in Sheffield, where I reside. I left UCA because I’d lost interest in education, in fact I actually lost interest in education before I even started. Once I’d done a bit of soul searching and got fired from a few crap jobs I found a job I am good at and I’m on a career path that makes sense to me.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Can you tell me about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

By Fashion Nazi | I’ve always blogged but trying to find my niche and what made sense to my thought process and my personal aesthetic is what I struggled with in the beginning. I created a tumblr of curated images from menswear editorials, all edited in black and white, under the name of Fashion Nazi.

It was that tumblr that inspired me and my amazing followers that encouraged me to start a blog with content and opinion.

By fashion Nazi is a blog about men’s fashion and the creative industry. I make sure that all my post are from a personal point of view and are on topics that inspire me and my own creative. It’s important for me to speak candidly and honest to set my blog aside from major fashion publications and blogs; I think there’s too many bloggers trying to be politically correct art scholars and I don’t know enough about the history of art and fashion.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | You have a pretty devoted Instagram following of over 1000 people who love what you post and your point of view. Tell me about the way you are dressing and how it has changed over time.

By Fashion Nazi | My style has evolved and refined over time, I find myself referencing my parents and their style a lot which is something that would have killed me 5 years ago but I guess I’m growing up and see the cooler side to my parents. I like to dress formally, even if I’m in the house doing nothing; I find a suit is perfect for that occasion.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Are you enjoying finding your online voice and communicating with like-minded people?

By Fashion Nazi | It’s always great being able to share my views with people online it’s one of the perks of having a blog. I often get emails from bloggers wanting to talk about post or just blogging in general and they end becoming good friends of mine that I can rely on for an honest opinion of anything I do.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | How did collaborations with your guest bloggers start and can you tell me a little bit about them and why you think they’re cool.

By Fashion Nazi | My little blogging squad! I love them!

It started with Dennis Glanz, I came across his blog and just fell in love with his laid-back looks and his style of blogging so I just emailed him and asked him if he’d like to get involved with By Fashion Nazi and he was more than enthusiastic to start posting for me.

Andrei, such a talented writer and I love the way his post are so personal and draw you in like a book you can’t put down, he has a way of captivating his audience and keep them engaged through the whole post, it really is a talent.

Pia contacted me to collaborate on our blogs and I was really keen to get a female point-of-view on a menswear brand. She’s a blogger I really admire, she writes about a lot of menswear topics and with the menswear and lifestyle blogs being dominated by guys, as to be expected, it’s really refreshing to hear how she weighs in on the industry.

I’d always encourage bloggers to collaborate and feature their fellow bloggers; it makes your site diverse and interesting to read whilst supporting your friends that share the same goals as yourself, it’s so rewarding.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Are you dating right now? How are you navigating your romantic life and relationships?

By Fashion Nazi | I’m on and off dating apps like Tinder because I find it hard to take any further. As much as I hate the idea of normality and that perfect picket fence life, I think that’s what I want the most, I don’t actually want to meet someone via an app, I want that dream J.Lo rom-com scenario.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Can you tell me one of your worst dating stories?

By Fashion Nazi | My dating stories aren’t that bad. I once took a guy to a gig in my friends bar/garden. He cycled to meet me and fell of his bike and ripped his trousers, his knees were bleeding. I don’t know what I was doing going on a date with someone who cycled anyway.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | How do you go about challenging the status quo of what it means to be a men’s fashion blogger?

By Fashion Nazi | I make sure that everything I post is not an endorsement or a post about what I wore today because that’s boring. It’s not a bad thing I just personally try make sure my posts are varied. I’d love to venture into style-blogging but I won’t stop sharing my love of architecture, design, creatives in the industry etc. Also, I try to make sure my blog is as straightforward as possible so my readers know what to expect from my blog and that could be anything from a good song suggestion and something I’m inspired by to great imagery and piece of writing with some personality.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | On each of your blog posts you leave a link to what you’re listening to right now – why do you do this and how do your music tastes inform your style?

By Fashion Nazi | I love music, I love to share music, and listen to new music suggested by my followers so leaving that link at the bottom of each post encourages that to happen. Music can effect my look in different ways; I love Solange and Jessie Ware’s style, I try push my wardrobe and personal style to be as on-point as theirs every day but just listening to a song like Earth Song by Michael Jackson can make me want to put on a super dramatic floaty coat and take Sheffield by storm. However, my style usually depends on my mood; if I’m super dressed up I’m probably feeling like crap and vice-versa.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Who are some of your musical icons?

By Fashion Nazi | I guess this is where I fall into a stereotype because I love my powerful female singers such as; Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Anita Baker, Amy Winehouse,  Toni & Tamar Braxton, Gaga, Tracy Chapman, Selena (the original, not Gomez) Jennifer Lopez. I’m also a lover of singers that are simple and easier on the ear like Jessie Ware, Nancy Ajram, and Aaliyah etc. It’s hard for me to pinpoint my musical icons because I have so much respect for anyone that is talented in music.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | So I know that you’re from Sheffield – How do you find Sheffield differs to London in terms of fashion and style?

By Fashion Nazi | It’s getting better in terms of fashion but I would still say that ‘florals for spring’ in Sheffield is still pretty ground-breaking.  I’d love Sheffield to be more like London where everyone dresses exactly how they want and actually expresses themselves through their fashion. That being said, Sheffield has its own little charm that I’ve always loved.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Do you see yourself ever moving back to London in the future?

By Fashion Nazi | Probably not, Sheffield runs at just the right pace for me and I can’t see myself trying to compete with the cut-throat fashion industry in London. I love Sheffield and I didn’t realise it until I moved away but I guess you have to miss something to really appreciate how much you loved it.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | From your personal Instagram it’s clear to see that you’re an avid Kardashians/Jenner fan. How do you think they’re influencing fashion?

By Fashion Nazi | The Kardashian/Jenner clan are like super-famous bloggers, don’t you think? They document their every move, endorse just about anything for the right price and have been accepted by the fashion pack like a free glass of prosecco.

They’re a great for anyone looking to dress better; they have quite a universal look.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | What do you think of Kanye west in fashion? Do you find him problematic or a genius?

By Fashion Nazi | I want to have an opinion on Kanye West in fashion because I can see he really wants to leave a mark like the all the celeb designers that came before him but in regards to the clothes he’s producing I’m not really impressed anymore, it’s just not really my style. He sure knows how to put on a show though.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | Would you say your blog is more about fashion with a capital F or style?

By Fashion Nazi | It’s not strictly fashion; I don’t think I have enough fashion influences to keep up a F-blog. My blog is about style and how that influences me whether that’s through my clothing, the way I decorate my home, or even just the way I carry myself daily.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | How does your blog reflect your personal goals as well as what you think you can achieve in the industry?

By Fashion Nazi | I used my blog to gain employment and now I write blogs and run social media accounts and events in Sheffield so I guess I’d like to continue to do that. Hopefully, I’ll start working freelance with it. My dream would be to start my start a magazine and my own shop, similar to that of The Line and Acne, with a range of menswear, women’s wear and home wear products that represent the Fashion Nazi brand but that’s far off. Cracking the industry is not high on my list of things to do; I’m quite content working in Sheffield and trying to make waves online through By Fashion Nazi.

Charlie Ronce Magazine | What are your plans for the next five years?

By Fashion Nazi | My grandmother used to say “Man plans, God laughs” and I never understood ‘til now. I try not to plan, I think my life works better if I take each day as it comes. However, I think being happy and content for the next five years would be a good start.

| This interview was taken from Charlie Ronce with permission from the editor |

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