think essential by roepi


If you’re one the three people that are still reading my blog (lol just kidding everyone is reading this blog *flips weave*), you’ll know that I’m a fan of brands that keep it simple in their ethos, product range, and design aesthetic. Indonesian brand Roepi, fits perfectly in that box with it’s minimalist shirts and bags that are fit for purpose. Also, if you read my post for Beauty & Ruinyou’ll know I have so much respect for the humble white shirt and any brand that celebrates a white shirt as much as I do, is on to a winner.

| In the words of Roepi “Think Essential” |

“Our team believes that environment is important; Thus, we want to make environmental-friendly products by producing only essential pieces which is timeless overtime; your assets that breathe simplicity” – Roepi

While I agree with Roepi, essential dressing is important for the earth and stuff, I won’t be so quick to discard my wardrobe in favor of five items of clothing. However, it does make me think about how much I buy in this fast-fashion world I’m involuntary a part of and how the pace of the industry is changing.

Should we spend so much on clothes?

Are we demanding too much from fashion?

Can this world keep up with our modern shopping habits?

Does anyone even care?

| Either way I’ll let you know when the H&M sale ends. |

I’d love to tell you more about how much I love the quality and fit of the shirts but I’ve actually not seen one of their pieces in person as they, unfortunately, don’t ship internationally. However, this post is for my Indonesian readers to trial a brand accessible to them. Enjoy, this is my gift to you, Indonesia!

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  1. Richie says:

    Great post!

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    1. romandennis says:

      Thanks, glad you liked it! x


      1. Crissy says:

        Yup, that’ll do it. You have my apericpation.

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