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When one fashion week closes, another one opens and as we say goodbye to LC: M, you can assume it will be starting up again elsewhere in Europe. Once again I had the opportunity to be in the midst of London Fashion Week with a free ride down to London and back and show invite but, in true form, was too exhausted from my first week back at work and decided to snub skip the whole weekend.

Last season I found it easier to review three of my favourite shows from LC: M and let the rest of the blogosphere worry about all the other designers the showed/debuted last weekend.

| Pringle of Scotland |

You can always count on Pringle of Scotland to deliver the perfect knitwear, they’ve been doing it for long enough, and they did just that with their Fall ’16 collection. A dark heavy-duty collection that seemed mostly accessible for the everyday-man with accents of orange, fur, and leather for those more daring.

Pringle did something special this season in the way they clashed prints, layered knits, and mixed fabrics, this could very easily have gone haywire but instead said luxury. Massimo Nicosia’s (creative director for Pringle of Scotland) meticulous approach to research and design let’s the brands heritage clearly shine through whilst remaining fresh with a clear direction for the future. A really great show.

| By the way, this is the show I could have had a sneaky back-row seat for. #B-Row|

There’s lot to be learnt from this post. Firstly, Pringle of Scotland is now back on my radar. Secondly, my love of knitwear has grown tenfold. Thirdly, If someone offers you a free trip to London, you take it!  Finally, being offered a #B-Row seat and not following it up is just stupid.

| I’m trying so hard to make #B-Row the new #F-Row? |

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your numerous social networks, and leave a comment etc. View the full collection at By Fashion Nazi’s Facebook or in all its colourful glory at Keeping checking for my post on LC:M!


final pos
Listen | Oh God by Luke James featuring Hit-Boy

Obsessed | Pringle of Scotland Fall ’16

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