another year by fashion nazi

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I started this blog out of boredom and a need to document my inspirations & share my creativity. By Fashion Nazi, has been a great outlet for my creative frustrations and has accomplished everything I set out for it to be and more, It’s the ‘more’ that I’m most proud of and surprised by.

The kind words from my post subjects such as furniture designer, Oliver Hrubiak, and established bloggers Andreas Wijk, Filippo Fiora & Filippo Cirulli have been unexpected but also encouraging to know that my ramblings might not all be nonsense for only me to read. Also, the kind words of the readers of By Fashion Nazi make it so much easier to document my thoughts of the creative industry, and all its wonders, with confidence!

Sharing my thoughts with other like-minded bloggers is probably the best part of running By Fashion Nazi and that all started with my first collaboration with Dennis Glanz which led to further collaborations with Andrei Lukass and Pia Gloria! Also, having the opportunity to interview the now uber-famous Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lemoie Anderson about her menswear influenced looks still puts a huge smile on my face.

|I can confidently say that if Lemoie didn’t do the short interview for By Fashion Nazi, she wouldn’t be where she is today!|

That being said, all that recognition pales in comparison to being considered Blogging Edge’s (the folk that pair me with the brands that share the same ethos as By Fashion Nazi) Best Men’s Fashion  Blogger of 2015! I’m still surprised they chose me considering the competition was tough, to say the least, with bloggers such as The Male Stylist and Ape to Gentleman all competing for the same title.

To conclude this ‘me, me, me’ post, it’s been great blogging like I used to back in 2009. However, it will be back to business as usual as I’m sure I wont be winning any more awards of any kind in 2016.

|I might not win an award but brace yourself or my new fall fragrance ‘delusional by fashion nazi|

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your numerous social networks and leave a comment etc. Keeping checking for my post on LC:M!


Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Best Listen of ’15 | Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes

Most Obsessed ’15 | Karmuel Young

Best watch ’15 | Lee Kang-Hyo

Best Guest Blogger ’15 | Dennis Glanz

Favourite post ’15 | Dior by Raf Simons

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