premium accessories by pyk

P.A.P (Premium Accessories by Pyk) a leather accessories brand, originated in Sweden, created by designer maker Ulf Pyk. Like Bōle, P.A.P have created a range of handcrafted leather goods that focus on a timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship to give you a product that will not only stand the test of time but get better with age.

“My inspiration for PAP was to create a product that was an antidote to the cold and impersonal feeling of modern technology. I wanted the warm and organic sensation of leather to replace the cold feeling of a laptop aluminum shell,” says Ulf Pyk

Pyk’s passion for his products and extensive creative process, has lead him to produce products that are worthy of protecting our phones and laptops which, in recent years, have become just as important  as an arm or a leg to us. His products range from iPhone cases to aprons, tote bags to pencil cases and all follow the brands clear design aesthetic of clean lines and modern functionality.

|Learn more about the brand HERE|

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Christmas is awfully close and if you’re still don’t know what to get me then something from the P.A.P line would make me one very happy little fblogger! Anyone who sends me gifts will also get a signed copy of a never-before-seen selfie from my extensive collection!

|All details on where to send my gifts will be released via my social media|

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Listen | Take Me Home by Pentatonix 

Watch | Art Collection by P.A.P

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