the pocket dial by jimmy fallon and j.crew


J.crew has teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to create probably one of the most ‘current’ gentleman’s accessories I’ve seen this year, the Pocket Dial. Initially I rolled my eyes and cried out to the sky “brilliant, another phone accessory I can’t use!” Being the owner of a Nokia Lumia, news like this always comes hard to me but that’s my fault for refusing to upgrade with another fragile apple device.

That being said, I first saw the accessory and immediately disapproved as I thought the whole concept was tacky and boring. That being said, I’ve slept since and had a change of heart, and it’s actually brilliant, slightly overpriced but brilliant. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the tiny accessory is not going to change the face of menswear industry and change my outlook on fashion and if anything it actually coincides with what I’m already thinking.

Until about five years ago the menswear industry was stuck in a rut and probably the only part of the industry that hadn’t been milked for everything it’s worth and I’m so glad that’s over and we’re all out of the dark ages of men’s fashion where it’s frowned upon for guys to experiment with fashion. We’re in a time now where we’ve got to start mixing it up, experimenting with new silhouettes, dressing out of our comfort zone, turning classics on their head, and products like the Pocket Dial are a shiny little symbol of this.

|A modern take on the pocket square or classic twist on the iPhone case?|

It doesn’t even matter what I say about the Pocket Dial because One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the Pocket Dial and the Pocket Redial™ will be donated to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya-based charity that protects Africa’s elephants from ivory poaching and extinction! So if you have a spare £48 to support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and an urge to update your iPhone’s wardrobe with some classics then this is perfect for you. If you don’t own an iPhone because you’re clumsy like me and don’t fancy throwing £600 down the toilet, literally, make your own accessories for your phone like the old days! Grab a hot glue gun and some diamontes from your local hobbycraft and just go crazy with it. Don’t forget to email your crafty creations to or alternatively you could send them to me via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

|unfortunately I can’t guarantee anyone’s d.i.y phone cases will make an appearance on BFN social media or|

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Listen | Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes

Watch | an introduction of the Pocket Dial by Jimmy Fallon and J.Crew

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