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Recently, Blogging Edge nominated me as their best men’s fashion blogger of the year and you all piled in with your votes to show your support of my online ramblings, and I’m so grateful! However, your efforts did not go unnoticed because Blogging Edge totally agreed with you and declared me their best men’s fashion blogger of 2015! You know I blog for me, to share my inspirations, and not for brands and recognition. That being said, I’m incredibly flattered as I’ve only been running Fashion Nazi as a blog with readable content since February. Thank you.

|In other news|

I’m hopefully going to be taking these online ramblings to the next level and possibly be doing some film projects to share inspiring creatives from Sheffield, my home. Like my existing content, I want to look at practices and people with a fresh outlook. I’m always inspired by whats going on in Sheffield, because there’s so much of it, and it’s often overshadowed by the talent in bigger cities such as Manchester and London. Obviously I’m not going to be the guy that puts Sheffield on the creative map but I want to document it with my small readership.

|In fashion news|

You can now get off the edge of your seats and sleep through the night because I finally purchased my boiler-suit! I know you’ve all be worried this day would never come and if I’m honest, so was I. “Where did I find it?” I hear you mutter. I didn’t. My thrifty mother found it in a charity shop for £1.50 and ran home with it! Below and above you can see I’ve paired it with my heavy-duty bike jacket, gifted to me by a friend of mine. Below and above you can’t see that I’ve also paired the boiler suit with my new charcoal grey Timberland-esque Wrangler boots. FBlogger realness.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your numerous social networks and leave a comment etc. Thanks for making me a winner!



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