the white shirt by fashion nazi

0289301001_32_4It’s hard to tell someone how to dress and what the key is to great style, especially in menswear! That being said, there is a one piece that seems to so effortlessly make a true gentleman, a piece that is so versatile it can work with almost any look, and a piece so simple that I wonder how it can mean so much to the whole menswear industry. The white shirt.

It was my dad that taught me about the importance of classic menswear pieces like a good brogue, a quality crombie, and of course the white shirt. Obviously, I spent many years ignoring his advice to stop buying cheap and on-trend crap in bulk, and start buying more Classic pieces. There was a time when I thought leather, leopard print and bucket loads of cheap jewellery was a better investment than a winter coat or a bag that could last the whole day without its cheap straps falling to pieces at the buckles.

To cut a long life story short, once I found my way I also found the white shirt……

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