an introduction by pia

IMG_5682-1024x768I first began blogging under the name ‘Pia Gloria’ which is my first and middle name, the reason behind this is because back when I was in school, the ‘done thing’ in lessons which involved computers was to Google each other’s names to see what came up, and no one knew my middle name so no one would be able to find my blog – I would have died with embarrassment if they did. But of course, eventually my blog was found and the nasty comments began.

Fast forward 5 years and I now realise that to be quite honest, I shouldn’t have even cared in the first place. Therefore I’d love to be able to inspire people to have a creative outlet, such as a blog, to express themselves no matter what the subject it.

Influences for my blog posts come from a strong interest in looking at other bloggers ‘personal style’ posts, I love seeing how different people style different pieces, on-trend or not, to suit them and their appearance. So that is why I often feature personal style posts of myself wearing on-trend and new garments incorporated with a twist of my own style. I am also very influenced by menswear-based streetwear, this comes as a result of being a Fashion Editor for the online urban menswear retailer Thomas Gun. There’s something about streetwear that I find so appealing, although it’s cut and designed for men, it’s is such a unisex fashion scene and girls look just as great in urban clothing as guys do!

My personal style changes from day-to-day depending on how I’m feeling. Some days I feel like embracing my inner Olsen Twin, other days I like to take a hint of Kate Moss and add it to my outfit, or maybe it could even the style of a skateboarding teenage boy. It’s never totally consistent, but that just makes getting dressed in the morning never boring!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your numerous social networks and leave a comment etc. You can keep up with Pia via her blog Beauty & Ruin or through her personal Instagram and Twitter.

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Listen | Lost & Found by Leanna La Havas 

Obsessed | Beauty & Ruin 

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