texture by philippe malouin

yachiyo_1 I love sharing my inspirations, it’s the main reason I blog, and I wanted to share an artist I came across through the ‘Things’ section at cosstores.com. The artist is Philipper Malouin is a Canadian artist who’s currently living and working in London. Malouin, designs anything from art installations to abstract home furnishings and has worked with brands such as Swarovski, Aesop and 1882ltd.

Malouin, has won awards for his work one being from W Hotels for ‘Designer of the Future’ and the other being from W Magazine for ‘Best Use of Materials’ and it’s his award for best use of materials that rings true. The way Malouin plays with texture, shape, line and minimal colour allows him to create a look and feel to a piece that’s individual to him.

After Cos pointed me in the right direction, I obviously went bats**t crazy trying look through all of his work in one sitting and was just throw with the intricate work of his Yachiyo rug/tapestry. His research for the project looked at various chain-mail techniques from medieval manufacturing techniques to more contemporary, machine-made chain mail patterns, Malouin settled for a Japanese style. Such a genius idea to mix traditional indestructible military material with the common living room accessory to create piece that will last a life-time and longer.

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Watch | Dunes for 1882ltd by Philippe Malouin 

Listen | When Your Life Was Low by Leah McFall

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