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I have a handful of bloggers I’ve loved since I first came across the whole fashion blogging scene, they all started with humble fashion ramblings on blogspot and six years on are now fashionistas and influencers in their own right. The Three F was created by architect, Filippo Fiora sharing his classic Italian style, lifestyle and travel diary. To this day Filippo Fiora has never put together a look I haven’t loved and gone running back to my own wardrobe to attempt.

However, The Three F has changed a lot since it’s first post six years ago, all except that classic Italian style. Filippo blogs with marketer and men’s fashion influencer, Filippo Cirulli. I’ve seen the shared blog tried and tested many times before and it’s just never worked, which I can only assume is down to artistic differences. That being said, Fiora & Cirulli’s personal styles work so well together that every other aspect of their site seem to do the same.

If you follow their work and their social media channels, I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s hard not to fall in love with them. They’re so impeccably dressed at all times and such lovely guys.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your numerous social networks and leave a comment etc. Congratulations to Shane from Men In Style Society the winner of the Kaspari giveaway!


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Obsessed | The Three F

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