kaspari giveaway by fashion nazi


I’m always a fan of new brands putting a twist on classic menswear with new design ideas, new functions or new materials in this case. Kaspari, have created a belt from leather and carbon fiber, the ultimate accessory for the modern man! Although, they have used carbon fiber to create the buckle part of the belt they have kept the aesthetic classic, minimal and versatile. Also, for a belt

“The original inspiration for the Kaspari belt came from the incessant removal of our belts each time we crossed borders around the world’s airports. Our experiences in performance cycling and radio-control toys kind of got us thinking.. we initially considered a variety of materials from aluminium to glass, but somehow Carbon Fiber was just too cool.” – Kaspari

I’m very excited to see where Kaspari go in the future.

So, I got talking with the guys from Kaspari and they’ve sent me a sample of their belt worth £205 to give away on my blog to one of my readers! What do you have to do? Simple, just tell me in the comments below what is the one accessory you can’t travel without and why.  Also, if you don’t have a WordPress account leave me your @ for Twitter, Instagram or an email address so I can get in touch if you win.


Thanks for reading and you can follow Kaspari on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to follow their progress and see what they come up with in the future! Don’t forget to like, share on your numerous social networks and leave a comment about the one accessory you can’t travel without for you chance to win a Kaspari belt.



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Obsessed | Kaspari 

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  1. lewisdbmitchell says:

    This is a great post. Carbon fibre belt sounds very cool. I’d also love to enter your giveaway, who wouldn’t!

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    1. romandennis says:

      Thanks! All you need to do is tell me what accessory you can’t travel without and why 😊. Easy.


  2. aguyonline says:

    My travel associate. A chocolate companion resting its weary arm on my shoulder. Trustworthy and strong, resilient from its busy surroundings, unfazed by my burned out persona from a long hard day. Adorned in glimmering gold hardware, his skin slightly worn from the punches of the the rushing public. Scuffed and scratched, slightly old and haggard. Charming and understated, a classic, a true gentleman…

    A bag is not just a bag, not just a mere object to throw your junk in but, a helping hand to ease you through the day, to grow old with you, to be your friend. My friend. My ‘Clipper’ – Mulberry.

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  3. I can’t go anywhere without my Jack Spade mason leather toiletry bag. I take it with me whenever I travel. I had it for years and it is aging so beautifully! By the way, I love the post.

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    1. romandennis says:

      Sorry it’s late! However, congratulations you are the winner of the Kaspari belt and I hope you add it to your travel essentials! I’ll email you with the details in due course.

      Glad you like the post.

      Roman x


      1. Ahh! Thank you, Roman :). I will keep an eye out for your email!


  4. dennisglanz says:

    I definitely need sunglasses on every trip because I always visit sunny cities. By the way, you can find my advice for buying sunnies on http://www.dennisglanz.com .

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  5. I always bring a navy blazer. This allows me to have a very flexible outfit, no matter the event.

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