lcm by margaret howell


The Margaret Howell collection for Spring 2016 was a favourite of mine, unsurprisingly because it looks like most of my wardrobe. No show stopping looks or even initiative design details, just solid looks and pieces to make you want to be the Margaret Howell man.

The proportions used in each look caught my attention first, not typical of the modern man but easy to work in to your existing wardrobe. I’ve got a soft spot for high-waisted trousers on a man, there’s just something about how it elongates the leg and they work so well with the boxy white shirts and T-shirts.

This collection demonstrates so well how easy it is to look well put together with minimal effort, how to look classic and still have a sense of masculinity and how to be minimal without verging on boring. It’s just right. Like, when you meet someone for the first time and you know you’re going to become best friends. I guess this collection just became my best friend. Sounds pathetic and silly but it’s true.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like, share on your numerous social networks and leave a comment etc. I’ll be discussing the McQueen collection in my next post as the final part of my LCM favourites.



Listen | Kiss Me Quick by Nathan Sykes 

Obsessed | Margaret Howell Full Collection

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