paradise club by toka toka


Toka Toka, a french brand I cam across through one of my favourite sites, Le Club Des Douze. The brand strives for ease and practicality inspired by the relaxed attitude and of the designer’s (Vincent Tokatlian) hometown in the South of France. I think men will always need a brand that’s easy, self explanatory and thoughtful, Toka Toka gives all the above.

My favourite part of the collection is the military inspiration. I have a love for utilitarian clothing and often try to work it into my own looks using classic menswear to throw it off slightly. Each piece is a beautifully crafted piece in its own right and each look tells the story of the collection quietly and with sophistication.

I highly recommend researching the designer behind the collection through the Toka Toka Site and the work he has done, as an editor, for La Superette. Also, have look at the site where I discovered the brand, Le Club Des Douze.

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