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When I first set up By Fashion Nazi I completely intended it to be a typical men’s fashion blog like the rest. However, it has become something slightly different and I’m glad. I truly never expected to blog about architecture, photographers and Korean crafts. However, having all these references and inspired creators and pieces seems to work with my blog, it’s honest, it’s what I like most in a blog and what I respect most from a blogger.

 I want this blog to be somewhere for me to record my inspirations, my aspirations and I hope that I can have blog full of post that don’t have a sell-by date. There’s a few things that I’ve blogged about that are ‘news worthy’ like the post I did on Hu Bing becoming the first international ambassador for London Collections; Men and Kanye West’s first collection for Adidas, but I think those events are part of fashion history for menswear and when ten years passes us by, I’ll want to know what I thought of events like these.

This blog will grow and change, but what I hope to remain at the core is that it’s just a blog and I’m just a weekend blogger. I won’t fall slave to product placement unless I believe in it and you will always have something new and inspiring to read about By Fashion Nazi.

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  1. Hi thanks for the follow back! I am an Artist designer and fashion expert and I am working on my one of a kind and limited edition jewelry…I am always happy to interact with other creative people…your blog is very nice!


    1. romandennis says:

      Thanks! Keep me posted on your work by email.

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      1. Sure I will thanks!

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  2. Wumi Balogun says:


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    1. romandennis says:

      Thanks for reading.


  3. Misty says:

    Times are chnnigag for the better if I can get this online!

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