photography by edward honaker

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Edward is one of my menswear bloggers and photographers that I found on years ago. His style is by no means groundbreaking, I could probably tell you what he’s got in his wardrobe without looking. However, it’s polished and always well put together but it’s not his personal style I love, it’s his attention to detail in his work that’s always caught me eye. Anytime I visit his site  I get the same feeling I get from reading glossy new issue of GQ Magazine, that feeling that makes me want his outfit, that makes me want to visit the location of his shoot and to create aspirations within your work isn’t easy and I commend him for that.

If you’ve never come across Edward before then I can only assume you live under a rock with no wifi! His site is and you can find all his looks, photography and links to his social networks there. He’s very talented.

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Listen | Some Unholy War by Amy Winehouse

Obsessed | 66 The Label 

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