season two by sunnei

a1 fw6

A brand I stumbled upon thanks to the wonders of twitter, Sunnei is an Italian brand created by Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo. Though, they are only two seasons in I have truly fallen head-over-heels for this brand. I have never been crazy for a brand that design comfortable and easy to wear fashion, that being said, comfort clothing has been creeping into my wardrobe a lot recently and rightly so as everything else I seem to love promotes an easy lifestyle.

My main attraction to the brand is their use of denim! When I designed a collection a few years back, most of the collection was denim and it worked so well and is still as fresh as it was when I first designed it due to the fabric choice. Denim is my favourite fabric(yes I have a favourite fabric!) and I love to see a brand use it creatively, Sunnei have designed a denim poncho, need I say more?

Don’t forget to like this post, let me know what you think in the comments below and check the Sunnei collections HEREAlso, I was sent a free sample of  COMME des GARÇONS’s Wonder Wood and it was so good I ordered the bottle!

a2 fw5

Listen | Treat Me Like Somebody by Tink 

Obsessed | Wonder Wood by COMME des GARÇONS

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