onggi by lee kang-hyo


Lee Kang-Hyo Follows a traditional style of pottery making, onggi, used in Korea. The craft dates back almost six thousand years and Lee Kang-Hyo has become a master at his art. It’s not wise of me to comment on a culture and an art I don’t know a whole lot about. However, I came across a documentary on his life, inspirations and process(link below), I was genuinely in awe of his art and his personality.

His main goal in life is to provide a peaceful life for his wife, his daughter and himself, a dream I and I’m sure many others share with Lee. Having said that, that’s where the comparisons stop. His process to create is amazing to watch, he connects spiritually and emotionally with each piece he creates and it’s almost performance art just watching him fall into his creative-self.

I’m not going to talk much more about his work and his process for fear of saying something stupid! Watch the documentary he’s an incredible artist and human-being. I will own one of his pieces one day! Posting will be slightly irregular as I’ve just started a new job but I’ll have a scheduled in place when things settle down


Watch | Lee Kang-Hyo

Obsessed | Lee Kang-Hyo 

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