cinematographic inspiration by a single man

11069190_1401729530144031_455504479_n ‘’Sometimes I think I’m crazy cause I see things so differently than everybody else.’’

You see, there is meaning in everything, and nothing happens for no reason. People encounter other hundreds of people on the streets, let’s say, daily, without knowing what they are actually doing:passing by other hundreds of stories, each and every one of them are special, different and unique.

They will never get to know those stories, those inner secrets, those never-happened-before experiences. People smile, strolling around around normally,while hiding thoughts and dreams:of love, lust, happiness, or hate, fear and isolation. Feelings are quite alike among people, but never the same. Just like the quote, sometimes, I think of myself as a little, creepy weirdo, which would never in a million years fit this world. That thought used to scare me. But you see, just like they say,’’Fear is being used as a tool of manipulation in our society.’’

And that is, I am afraid to say, completely true.

The first time I saw the cinematographic jewel ‘A single Man’, I felt as if I could finally breathe again, like a breath of fresh air, like something that gives you power to move on and shape yourself into a better entity. This is what I would call an “iconic film.’’

We are different, therefore different kinds of stories define us. I have found a small part of myself inside this very story. Directed by one of the creators I prefer the most, Tom Ford, set in my absolutely favourite period of all time, the 60’s,

‘’A single man’’ inspires me. The overwhelming set of actors, the soundtrack, the clothing, the almost neutral palette of colours which is used. Everything-defines-me.

I cannot tell you what this epic, deep mixture of beauty and action is about, I don’t want to spoil the amazing surprise and the intense sensations you are going to get whilst watching this piece of cinematography. What I can say, is that it has changed me. In a very, small, tiny part, but it has sculpted me. And that’s the important thing. It might not impress somebody else as much as it did in my case, but, don’t worry ,we are different. I am never bored of ‘’A single man’’.

So, my dears, find that story you would watch or listen to over and over again. Close your eyes, and let it guide you. Cause, you see,that story was probably meant for you.

Post by Andrei Lukass. You can follow our guest blogger on Instagram and don’t forget to check


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