an introduction by andrei


People never take the younger generation seriously. Generally speaking, the younger generation is always seen as the unreliable. You see, for me, being 16, or 60 means nothing. It’s about who you are, and what your essence really is. The Glamour Link, my blog, promotes this idea. Although the articles are written by a teen, I like to think my pieces and topics are read by any kind of  people all over the world.

My name is Andrei Lukass, I am 16 and I think age is not a barrier in achieving your absolute ideals.

When ‘’By Fashion Nazi’’ contacted me, I was really happy to collaborate and discover a brand new concept and somehow model my ideas using his aesthetic, but still keeping my keeping my style of blogging and my identity. That’s why I love to discover, seek and try new things, new concepts and fresh ideas. I like to think of myself as a travelling maniac, a culture explorer and obviously , sometimes, a guest blogger…


Listen | Idols by Virtual Riot 

Obsessed | The Glamour Link  

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    You’re the grttseea! JMHO

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