the shoe harness by karmuel young


I’m almost hesitant to share Karmuel Young as it’s been selling fast recently and I still haven’t purchased my first shoe harness. Be that as it may, I’m not selfish and this product is just too good not to share! Karmuel Young is a new brand taking off with a fresh concept. Karmuel Young are giving life to men’s classics, the formal shoe.

“Inspired by everyday routines and the enormous creative potential lay in menswear, the brand aspires to transform regular and easily forgotten details into unconventional possibilities with innovative equations.

The label’s perfectly crafted menswear is engineered to embody minimalism and modernity, tailor-made for men who seek alternative execution to regular fashion, answering operational and aesthetic needs.” – Karmuel Young

Not everyone can afford a £750 Prada brushed calf leather laced derby shoe and look like the the most unique dandy on the street. However, it is totally possible to polish off the brogues at the back off the wardrobe, pair them with perfect shoe harness from Karmuel Young and give those unique dandies a run for their money. I saw a few at the last men’s fashion weeks and I think they’ll be the accessory of choice for the upcoming men’s fashion weeks in June.


Listen | Ribs by Lorde 

Obsessed | LN-CC (you can purchase Karmuel Young here)

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