model talk by leomie anderson


Leomie Anderson has walked the runways of Moschino, Oscar De La Renta, Kanye West Adidas collection, Calvin Klein, and graced the pages of Another, Dazed & Confused, Interview. Marie Claire to name a few! However, It’s not her runway and editorial looks I’m obsessed with, it’s her personal style! Leomie mixes classic menswear with off the runway ready-to-wear and creates a signature look that only she could pull off. Leomie tells Bystandr a little bit about her style in the short interview below.


Bystandr | You have a unique style that I adore what inspires your look and who’s style do you love most?

Leomie Anderson | My style inspiration is definitely my older brother! Half my wardrobe is menswear or his old shirts and tees.

Bystandr | That’s funny because half of my wardrobe is my mother’s! I’m obsessed with white shirts and every time I go shopping I just gravitate towards them. what are you obsessed with at the minute?

Leomie Anderson | My obsession right now is my Neil Barrett bomber which I stole from my brother lol. It’s the perfect boy jacket for spring.

Bystandr | Your brother must really love you, mine don’t let me breathe on their clothes. I’m curious to know, what are your everyday essentials?

Leomie Anderson | My everyday essentials are a pair of earrings from & Other Stories and some mascara lol. I could leave my house naked and not forget those things!

Bystandr | Finally, what have you got in the pipe-line for 2015?

Leomie Anderson |  I have so many plans this year and plan to venture into some new things besides modeling!

Bystandr | Well I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for you Leomie!


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