leather by bōle tannery


Bōle is a Swedish brand founded in 1899. A spruce bark tannery, master craftsman of leather goods and a purveyor to the Swedish royal court. Using techniques that are over 100 years old and routed in the brands heritage they set out to create style by honouring simplicity.

It can take longer than a year to make one bag from start to finish and to me that’s beautiful to know your product is going to be made by experts with passion and care. Everything from the white thread made in England to the reindeer hide from Sweden is luxury, lasting, and pure perfection so I’m not surprised the Swedish royal family love the brand. Also, all leather goods come with a 15 year warranty and a free annual service.

The brands heritage lies in their rucksacks however, it’s the tote bag I’m besotted with and coming in at a cool €950.00 it’ll have to stay on my wish list, letter to Santa and in my dreams for now. I know people find it strange and will probably roll their eyes when they know it’s my life goal is to own a collections Bōle bags however, to me it’s like having a collection of art because everything in the process of designing and making a Bōle bag is an art form.

Bole-nov-2013-0005163-WEBListen | When I Grow Up by Fever Ray 

Obsessed | Bōle

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