japanese/british heritage by asymptote

a AW15+Lookbook_look+18Asymptote’s autumn/winter ’15 collection caught my eye recently. The collection is inspired by traditional Japanese culture and clothing and traditional British culture and materials. I’m not usually a fan of collections that take their inspirations so literally because as you know it can sometimes boarder on resembling costume design. That being said, I’m in love with the collection but not as whole, as separate garments. Some really exquisite pieces in the collection from the coat in look 11 to the trousers in look 9 both have been tailored to perfection.

The more I see the collection the more I fall in love with the concept. I’ll always applaud any designer who can push the boundaries of menswear and deliver us fresh looks, ideas and ways of thinking. Menswear is changing and changing fast! It’s an exciting time in the industry for menswear as we have new designers, more shows, more bloggers and more freedom.

aa AW15+Lookbook_look+7Listen | I Wanna Be Down by Brandy (Grades Remix)

Obsessed | Asymptote

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