boxer briefs by acne studios

a acne-studios-mens-underwear-005

Acne is a power-house and successful in ready-to-wear, menswear, furniture/hoemwear, books and magazines thanks to the brands creative director, Jonny Johansson.  As announced last year Acne Studios will be launching an underwear line towards the end of this year. Four different styles will be available for men – boxer, normal brief, high waist brief and shorts. The line will be a range of black, white, khaki, nude and grey. In true Acne style the line focuses on details, fit and a simple aesthetic.

“Underwear should be beige or skin coloured, because I prefer no underwear”, says Jonny Johansson, Acne Studios Creative Director.

I’m very strategic when it comes to buying clothes, everything I buy has to have a purpose and contribute to my look. I’ve never considered underwear to be essential until recently, I’ve always bought the same cotton boxer briefs since I was like 16 and I’ve bought them by the bucket load. It may sound strange for me to be putting so much thought into undergarments but in the same way women take pride in their undergarments, I will now be doing the same. I will continue to buy black, blue, grey and white underwear and the same style however, I will have a collection of designer under-garments. I want so badly to have a collection of Acne underwear but I’m not sure if the collection will be permanent.

Acne Studios underwear collection launching 16 October


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