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It’s been an exciting week for me and Fashion Nazi! Firstly, I have officially left my sales career and Just been hired as a Market Liaison! The money was great in sales however, it turns out everyone is on to something when they say money can’t buy you happiness. In my new job I’ll be organizing events, using social media and working with marketing teams to help drive in business for Sheffield sole traders. It was genuinely this blog that has inspired me to go for a job that will actually put my creativity to some use.

In Fashion Nazi News, I have just enlisted the help of a new fashion blogger to join Fashion Nazi as a guest blogger/contributor. I’ve got a thing for spotting potential in bloggers and hopefully I’m not wrong with this one. I want to have a blog that is engaging and interactive for my readers and future readers and if all goes well hopefully our guest blogger will be a permanent fixture to Fashion Nazi. Our guest blogger will be sharing his first post after the weekend.

I have also been given the opportunity to possibly test some men’s grooming products however, I am not here to slander or put down a product just because I don’t like it, therefore if i’m not happy with the product I will not be blogging about them. Finally, We have an interview coming with an established Belgian blogger who i’m sure you’ll all be familiar with.


Listening | If by Janet Jackson (Kaytranada Remix)

Obsessed | Shin Okuda 

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