sartorial sweden by andreas wijk


Andreas Wijk is a Swedish musician, TV host and award winning fashion blogger. I’ve been following him since he started his first blog 6 years ago. Years have past and Wijk has stayed so true to his style and I have major respect to him for that. I’ve always identified with his look as he takes a similar approach to myself, mixing classic styles with a modern influence.

I think it’s his attitude and approach to style and life that our generation will be remembered for, we are the online generation and Wijk has built a career for himself of the back of the internet, weirdly I’m quite proud of him and it’s probably because I’ve seen his growth from the very beginning and he’s shared so much with his readers from winning awards to his open heart surgery.

I’d be shocked if you don’t know who Adreas Wijk is or if you’ve never come across one of his looks before. However, there’s a first for everything! I’d strongly advise you to go follow his blog and other social networks and watch this space because he is working on an album as we speak.


Listening | Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones 

Obsessed | Andreas Wijk

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