international menswear ambassador by hu bing

008-gq-japan-11-2012-hu-bing-maciej-kuciaHu Bing is a Chinese actor, model, singer, designer, producer, philanthropist, and now LCM’s first international menswear ambassador. Already a permanent fixture at fashion weeks around the world and considered China’s top male model Bing is well-suited to the role.

Quite exciting for the world of men’s fashion and London’s men’s fashion week as it really shows how much the industry is growing and how far it’s actually come in such a short period of time. Men’s fashion has become the most exciting part of the industry as there’s so much to be explored in the collections, blogs, grooming products etc. I’m excited to see what Bing will bring to LCM.

Bing will be joining the likes of David Ghandy, Tine Temper, Nick Grimshaw and hopefully myself for LCM in June.


Listening | Running by James Bay 

Obsessed | DIY by LoveAesthetics 

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