the essentials by the line

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The Line has an aesthetic that i aspire to and an ethos i want to live by  “Our vision stems from a desire to pare back, strip down, and pull together—the search for refined, versatile, and honest goods that come together in our New York City home, The Apartment. Built to last but never boring, these objects are a mix of established favorites and our latest finds from emerging names across fashion, home, and beauty. What unites these quintessential things is their staying power, the intention of their making, and how they work together in the context of a carefully considered life.”

We live in a fast-paced and trend orientated world where pretty much everything we buy has become throwaway. The Line has created an ethos that’s not new but one that past generations would live by, buy something that has meaning, a story, that will last a lifetime and don’t just buy something because it’s cheap and trendy. It’s not feasible to buy all your clothes, homewear and beauty products from The Line however, in future it’s worth considering quality, aesthetic and the staying power of the things you buy.

The Line is exciting, inspiring and pure perfection! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a menswear section.

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